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Tuesday, July 10, 2012

Book Review: Obsidian by Jennifer L. Armentrout

Sweet. Baby. Jesus. I love this novel. But most importantly, I love Daemon Black. Let us take a moment to appreciate this image of him! (Special thanks to Hungarian cover model and professional soccer player, Pepe Toth for being our Daemon and for being yummy!)

I must say, I really, really enjoyed, I mean LOVED reading this. It is--
errr...please forgive my massive book boner, it cannot be helped...though it has been been more than four hours, should I be worried?...this is legendary Ron Burgundy would say:
"Don't act like you're not impressed!!!!!!"
Oh god! That picture of Ron Burgundy is not helping the whole boner situation!!!!!! Please forgive me, it was not my intention to overwhelm you with too much sexiness!!! Talking about Obsidian is bad enough! Ok lets try to stay focused here!!! Back to discussing the boner-inducing Obsidian!

 First things first: this is a steamy novel. The sexual tension is palpable and just plain delicious. Second, this novel has some action! and I don't mean the steamy kind, but it has that too. Third, it made me laugh. What more can I ask for?! If you are looking to be seriously entertained, read this novel. Obsidian is a fun and exciting novel. If it were to be a movie it would be the first Transformers why did I say "first"?" That is redundant! There is only ONE transformers movie, no sequels, nope. They made one Transformers movie and then just stopped making movies about transforming robots. No sequels were ever made, just like there are no movies about Avatar:The Last Airbender or Ella Enchanted. They don't exist because they were never made. Don't you ever try to tell me otherwise, that would be a lie and I HATE liars!! Capice?! Glad we got that all cleared up! But I digress! As I was saying, this book is just one of those fun novels that make you smile and get you all excited. If you are looking for some fun and delicious reading that happens to fog up your car windows, pick up this book. The plot is interesting, the characters are believable, and the writing is entertaining. 

Daemon, I mean Obsidian, definitely gets clappy hands a la drunken seal!

This novel makes me all sorts of happy.

"Well...what do we have here?"
I will not be providing a description. All you need to know is that I love this book and there is an infuriating yet remarkably lovable guy that really gets me all hot and bothered. The mere memory of some of those damn!...abs!...*fans self*... er, sorry about that, ever since I read Obsidian I have moments where I just get carried away by the memory of such intense hotness and...more shirtlessness! less clothing! bring the chocolate Imma lick it off...ah! Glad I caught myself right then and there! Sorry about that! I should talk about something else, its getting too hot in here and I think, I think, I am on the verge of a major swoon...
Well now that I seemed to have recovered, I will go on. I think it is best if you know as little as possible before you read this novel. I would recommend even skipping the back of this novel and all "overviews" and plot descriptions. They give a bit too much away, It's no big deal, I just think it's more exciting that way. Seriously, all you need to know is that it is steamy, exciting, funny, and just plain fun oh and I cannot forget, there is a hot, bad-ass, sexy, infuriating, 6 foot 3, good-looking dude. Trust me he is a force to be reckoned with. So if you are into those bad-ass, sexy guys, this is a book for you.

I also love Katy, the narrator/main character. I love her voice. She is funny and she is also a force to be reckoned with herself. She excellently compliments Mr. Hotness. She is no wimpy chick. She has an attitude and more importantly, she is a hardcore book lover! She speaks our language! AND she is a book blogger! Gosh this girl is just plain awesome. I also seriously love the writing of this book. It is always entertaining and never superfluous. Believe me it is never boring. The characters are also very likeable and realistic. There are plenty of "wow," "awww," "chucks," "hot damn" and "oh my" moments but never an "are you serious?" or "you have got to be kidding me!" and certainly never any "ugh" moments. Seriously, its good, it is SMEXY good! In fact its this good:
excited gif Pictures, Images and Photos

The paperback, re-released edition I purchased includes a few scenes from Daemon's point of view: bomb diggity awesomeness! and it also has the first chapter of the sequel, Onyx! And Jennifer L. Armentrout has more scenes from Daemon's point of view on her website! Daemon's point of view really helps understand him.You really must read this after you finish the novel because Daemon deserves to express himself. There is more to that guy than what you see from his all too beautiful surface. And yea those scenes are fantastic! Let me just say that it is a fangirl's slice of heaven!

As for the ending of just simply left me wanting more. It is a great ending that does not torture but boy, oh boy, does it entice! Onyx could come out tomorrow and it still would not be soon enough. I cannot wait for the sequel to be released. August 14, 2012 get your ass here now!
I Have a Need, a NEED for ONYX!!!!

Another thing: Jennifer L. Armentrout is one prolific writer and based on Obsidian, that makes her my new best friend! Take a look at her Release Schedule:

Under Jennifer L. Armentrout
Pure (Covenant 2) - April 3, 2012
Obsidian (Lux 1 re-release) May 15, 2012
Onyx (Lux 2) August 14, 2012
Cursed September 18, 2012
Deity (Covenant 3) November 6, 2012
Opal (Lux 3) December 2012
Elixir (Covenant Novella) Winter 2012/2013
Apollyon (Covenant 4) Spring 2013
Don't Look Back Fall 2013

Under J. Lynn (this is the name under which she publishes her adult novels)
Unchained (
Nephilim Rising 1) October 2012

Seriously, you have to love awesomely-entertaining, workaholic authors who-- regardless of the toll on their health--are able to produce tons of material for fans to obsess about. I salute you! Seriously, thank you. I know I have only read Obsidian, but I think her other works will not be letting me down. Check out Jennifer L. Armentrout's website. This lady is awesome. I have been so entertained by dear, dear, wonderful Jennifer L. Armentrout that I have gotten a copy of Half-Blood, the first book of her covenant series.  I am excited beyond excitement. I will make sure to share my reaction to Half-Blood as soon as I am able to read it. I am certain I will be gobbling it up. So stay tuned for that review. 
Deity: The Third Covenant NovelConfession: I am already excited about Deity, the third Covenant novel, which comes out November 06, 2012. (fyi, the title of the second is Pure).  I know, I know, I shouldn't be so excited about the third book of a series I haven't even started, but what can I say? I simply am. It strikes me that Jennifer L. Armentrout is the kind of writer that makes you want to snuggle with some popcorn and just read to enjoy yourself! Her books are like a girls night out in that they make you relax, have fun, and go wild!

  So in conclusion,

I will eagerly await the arrival of Onyx. I am pretty sure that I will probably be able to continue to function, somehow...though there are so many awesome teasers out there that are driving me crazy! I will try not to crumble under the weight of my own super-eager anticipation. I believe my survival hinges on the fact that I can re-re-re-read Obsidian. What?! Don't you dare judge me! I need a steady and continual dose of sexy Daemon or I fear I will die! This is for my health! I just want to be healthy!!

Bellow I have provided some quotes from Obsidian, no spoilers, of course. These are just a few awesome quotes that I hope will get you excited about this book:
"'Well, one is a girl who looks about your age, and there's a boy.' She grinned as she stood. 'He's a hottie.'
A tiny piece of egg caught in my throat. It was seriously gross to hear Mom talking about boys my age. "Hottie? Mom that's just weird.'” 
“Doesn’t he own a shirt?” I asked, grabbing a spade. “Unfortunately, I don’t think so. Not even in the winter. He’s always running around half-dressed.” She groaned. “Its disturbing that I have to see so much of his…skin. Yuck.” Yuck for her. And hot damn for me.”
“The day my Internet was hooked up was better than having a hot guy check out my butt and ask for my phone number.”   
“I needed to get a grip. Or a camera to memorialize this moment, because I bet I could make a money from a video of him. I could make a fortune... As long as he didn't open his mouth.”   

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