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Wednesday, September 19, 2012

Waiting on Wednesday #8 Touched by Corrine Jackson

"Waiting On" Wednesday is a weekly event, hosted by Breaking the Spine, that spotlights upcoming releases that we're eagerly anticipating. This “Waiting on Wednesday” post is about:

Touched by Corrine Jackson
Release Date: November 27, 2012

Touched: The Sense Thieves Series



Remy O’Malley heals people with touch—but every injury she cures becomes her own. Living in a household with an abusive stepfather, she has healed untold numbers of broken bones, burns,and bruises. And then one night her stepfather goes too far.

Being sent to live with her estranged father offers a clean start and she is eager to take it. Enter Asher Blackwell. Once a Protector of Healers, Asher sacrificed his senses to become immortal. Only by killing a Healer can a Protector recover their human senses. Falling in love is against the rules between these two enemies. Because Remy has the power to make Protectors human again, and when they find out, they’ll becoming for her—if Asher doesn’t kill her first.

This is Book One in the Touched trilogy.

Why do I want this book?

I came across this book through WoW posts and I was immediately intrigued. I think it sounds dark and exciting. It has a great deal of potential. I haven’t read anything by Corrine Jackson, so I have no idea what to expect, but I hope I will be impressed and amazed. Plus look at that cover! I like very much!

I want to read this book as much as a banana wants to be pealed. I think that says it all.

What book(s) are you waiting to read with the eagerness of a banana waiting to be pealed?

Please link your WoW, I want to see what you are waiting for!

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  1. This really sounds dark and intriguing! I like the cover! :) Thanks for stopping by!

  2. This sounds AMAZING! The whole touch healing power thing is so interesting. I remember hearing about this book a long time ago when the author wrote a guest post on a blog I follow. Back then I think it had a different cover but I'm *really* liking this new cool looking twilight-ish looking one (instead of the hand and the red apple, it's the hand and the red rose + a black background. :)

    1. I really like the cover too! Thank you so much for stopping by!

  3. This book sounds really good and I love the cover. Thanks for stopping by My WoW

    Teresa @ Readers Live A Thousand Lives

  4. The book sounds very interesting and if I'm not mistaken I already have it on my to-read list. I would love to read it when it comes out and I hope you enjoy it when you get the chance to read it. Great pick!
    Come check out my WOW post.

    1. I am very excited for this one. Thanks for the visit!

  5. I know, I am so excited about this one too! I also love the cover! I haven't read anything by Corrine Jackson, either, so I am not really sure what to expect, but I know I will be giving this one a try come November.

    Thanks for sharing :)

  6. This one really does look intriguing. I'm definitely going to have to read it.

    Here's mine


    ~Danica Page
    Taking it One Page at a Time

  7. Been looking forward to this one for a long time already! I have it planned for a future wow. I love books about people that can heal and the fact that she has to take the injury adds an interesting twist! Thanks for stopping by!

    1. Yes it is very exciting! Can't wait!I look forward to seeing it on your WOW. Thanks for stopping by!


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