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Thursday, September 6, 2012

Steamy Thursday: Blast from the Past Edition!


“Steamy Thursday” has become my weekly tradition. I use it to express my passion for books—usually in a “creatively” strange and creepy manner. I have done Bookish-Porn photo shoots (yes, I show pictures of books without their dust jackets!) and I have included excerpts from my original work of fiction titled Fifty-One Hues of Mauve, which is bookish-erotica and contains scenes of book-launching. All in all, “Steamy Thursday” is basically do-what-you-want-to-express-your-passion-for-books-or-have-fun-with-bookish-humor. I like it because it is an opportunity to be creative and silly…and yes sometimes I just feel a need to be creepy.

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This week’s post is something really special! In fact it is so special I am tearing up!

Confession. Fifty-One Hues of Mauve is not my first venture into fiction writing. In 2010 my cousin and I decided we would start a blog. In this blog we would share our creative genius. We would both contribute whatever piece of writing we completed. Unfortunately, we didn’t really follow through. However, before we abandoned our blog—which was called HOPELESS AND ROMANTIC PRESENT: Tales from the Gutter-Minded:Stories of Awe in which I adopted the surname of Hopeless and my cousin became Romantic (hmm, the present part of the title sounds familiar…)—we produced some great short works of literature. Two to be exact, well three if you include a poem I will not admit having written. Out of the two short stories we posted, I wrote the first one and my cousin and I collaborated on the second one. Today I want to share with you the short story I produced during that time. I think you will notice the similarities to my more recent works of fiction, though the story feature bellow is a bit more romantically-inclined. Note: I wrote this story as a tribute to my cousin and the young man she was infatuated with at the time of the completion of this story. What can I say, I am just that sweet and romantic!

The following is the unedited story complete with its original introduction:

Friday, September 24, 2010

Before we begin...

What will follow are stories of our creation. We each have a distinct style and a distinct taste. However, what we wish to share with you are stories that expand beyond those trivialities and sink deep into the soul. The first tale is one about young love of the purest of sorts. I warn you, the tale is touching and emotional. As a writer the task of portraying such wonderful and deep love is difficult, but hopefully that task has been completed successfully. Enjoy!

Gust of Love

-by HoPeLeSs

Part 1: How Ana found true love

We begin our tale in Los Angeles, the land of magic and wonders. It is there in her home, that Ana first finds her true love.

Ana was a lonely teenage girl of only twenty-three, who had fallen in love with her brother's best friend, Calvin. Calvin was just what Ana wanted in a guy. His sweet face reflected his pimply youth and his eyes, oh his eyes! How they were always red and his pupils dilated behind his purple framed glasses! Yes, Calvin was a total dream and he would have made a great catch. Ana was madly in need of his touch, but alas they could not be for Calvin was her brother's bosom buddy and Ana was a girl who had no time for love. Ana had spent the better part of her teenage years focusing on her music, through determination she had managed to master the trombone. But her heart ached! Ana needed Calvin and though she longed to smell his breath, she contained her love. She was a 2-litter bottle of cola waiting to explode with sticky passion all over Calvin. And so Ana lived in secret love, until one day fate intervened and Ana walked into the room where Calvin stood, alone, waiting for her brother. Ana knew that her family would not be home until much later and she found herself unable to resist the opportunity of being alone with Calvin, so it was then that Ana let her bottle of passion pop…

And so it went that Ana ran into the room, she stopped, Calvin was standing in there in all of his glory. She rushed to his side and tenderly touched his cheek. He turned his head and looked her straight in the eyes. They stood just like that for several moments. Ana felt as if Calvin was looking straight into her soul, she was so moved that she fought the urge to soil herself.

Her hands began to quiver as she leaned towards him with her lips puckered and stomach fluttering, Calvin extended a finger and placed on her lips. Ana became nervous and immediately stopped moving towards him although her innards were burning and yearning for Calvin. He looked at her with a most wonderful expression.

“Wait,” he whispered.

Ana managed to contain her passion, but she felt that the force of her love would make her explode in her pants. Calvin did not move his gaze from her face. His eyes were bright. As he looked at her he made a straining expression, it happened!


A noise like a volcano erupting from his ass shook the entire room. In a matter of seconds the room filled with his inner stench. Ana could not believe it! Never before in her life had she felt such potent emotions. The emotion she had felt only moments before paled in comparison. It was as if Calvin’s giant fart had release her from a love prison. She breathed deeply, very very deeply.

“awwww,” she said and smiled.

Their connection was undeniable. Unfortunately, their moment was cut short when a tap came at the door. It was Ana’s brother who had come home early to meet Calvin. As Calvin walked towards Ana’s brother smiling and without saying a word, Ana could still feel the electricity between them flowing like a river down a rocky mountain on a cold winter’s day in the middle of July.

The next day, Ana was electrified, she could not take her mind off the moments she had shared with Calvin only the day before. Never before had she experienced such sensory ecstasy. Ana was in a complete trance. How strong an emotion Calvin must feel! He had let a part of his bowels enter her body! All day Ana had been eating refried beans in hope of being able to return the favor. She would see Calvin again and this time she would be an active part of their spiritual love making. Little did she know that their love would first have to survive the tests of trueness and devotion.


Hope you enjoyed it. This post really takes me back to those good ol’ days. Ah, to be young again!

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